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A partnership between Groundwork South West and Caradon District Council led to this former landfill tip undergoing extensive re-engineering and landscape work, to create a free public facility with site-specific artworks integrated into the landscape. The commissions programme was led by artist Steve Geliot working with project partners and community representatives. The sculptures include:

Breaking the Mould (Andrew McKeown) - Breaking the Mould takes the form of a giant seed, which has emerged, from an industrial mould. The sculpture represents new life and growth emerging from industrial decline. The six piece cast stone and iron sculpture was installed as a 'Marker' for each of the 21 Changing Places regeneration sites across England and Wales.

Wave (Sophy King) - a piece of contemporary public art taking inspiration from the Brunel Railway Bridge which can be seen from the site. Aluminium fins slot onto a central axis, bolted at each end. Glass magnifying lenses distort the landscape giving the local viewer a new perspective on the ex-landfill park. The fins which comprise the sculpture were milled at the nearby Devonport Royal Dockyards, using state of the art technology, normally used to make components for nuclear submarines. This process echoed the technical excellence and industrial prowess the area was famous for during the Brunel era.

Bridges / Words (Andrew Whittle & Bob Devereux) - six viewing points around the park are inscribed with words by Cornish poet Bob Devereux.


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